Disclaimer: A page worth of self-pity follows this sentence.

Does anyone remember Xanga?

I’m about to divulge my insecurities, which briefly took me back to high school, which reminded me of that wonderful web-diary where I jabbered self-indulgently about which girl had said what to me that week at school, and how long I’d spent on the phone with my boyfriend each night. Ahh, those were the days…

I wish someone had told me that high school isn’t actually so different from the ‘real world.’

I still feel like I’m being judged by every girl I meet.  Like it’s some sort of competition or something.  Ridiculous, right? It’s not like I’m an adult, or anything…

I just find it a bit outrageous that I woke up at 6 a.m. this morning to get ready for a play date. When I say ‘get ready,’ I mean I spent an hour and a half showering, shaving, putting on makeup, styling my hair… I put on perfume, for Christ’s sake! And made sure I had on the proper number of accessories. Needless to say, I put more effort into preparing to hang out with these girls for 3 hours than I do on a daily basis for my poor husband.

This is only the third play date I’ve been to, and the first was at the mall.  But the last two times, both houses of the hostesses have been perfectly clean, with candles lit, a spread of food – today’s even featured a Valentine craft.

…Okay, the craft was cute and I’m glad that we did it, but seriously!? I’m not Martha Fucking Stewart and I’m gonna stop going to these silly things because A) my son can’t even crawl, much less play and B) I leave feeling terrible about myself! Who are these people? Last time I checked, we live in Florida, not Connecticut.

Am I the only mommy out there who doesn’t always have a face and house and hair that are perfectly put together? Is it wrong for me to feel like I’m being ‘fake’ with these people? I wanna make friends here and everything, but I don’t wanna clean my house for hours before I invite them over!

Before I got married, I waited at least three or four dates into a ‘relationship’ before letting the guy see me without makeup. I am three play dates into this mommy-group, and still wearing a mask.  Does that say something, or is this charade what ‘normal’ people do every day? I just don’t know! It certainly doesn’t come easily to me – if you’ve read any of this blog, you know I have a vested interest in keeping things real. But I’ve never moved anywhere new, and never had to work at making new friends.

Days like today, I’d give anything to be back home and see something familiar. When I left the house this morning, I realized I’d memorized where the exits were between here and the next suburb over, and that felt like a milestone to me. Like this was starting to become home.

And then I tried to fit into this group of people that just aren’t my people, and I realized how much it would mean to me to raise my baby and grow my family around people who already love us.  I guess I took some things for granted – I never knew love and friendship were such hard work.


5 thoughts on “We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

  1. You are entitled to page-long pity parties. My real question isn’t whether you need to present this mask to your new friends, but rather, Did you enjoy taking that time for yourself? If you did, then it’s worth it. If you didn’t, STOP. If you need the sleep more, take the sleep. If feeling pretty and put together changed your attitude for the day, then that’s worth it.
    I can’t have fake friends. I can’t do it. It’s exhausting. I’m older than you, and I’ve already done my time in the burbs, and I took my crazy bun and my yoga pants to many a playdate, meeting, and shop. You are naturally pretty, so I don’t know that you need a lot of effort, but generally, clean is good enough. They might tag you as the “granola mom” or make comments on how “simple” your life is, but if you care too much about their opinions, you’ll have a nervous breakdown when he doesn’t walk as quickly as all of their kids, or he cut his pwn hair, or he doesn’t make his S’s the right way, or whatever. Perfection is an illusion. Just be happy as much as possible!


    • i desperately needed to hear that!!! the truth is, YES, it did give me a better outlook on my day, but for some reason i hate to admit that and i fight it tooth and nail… maybe i need to give some serious thought to what MY standards would be, and what would be enough to make me feel extra good about myself, then make that my goal instead of giving so much weight to what i imagine are the expectations of others.
      it’s weird, but there are a couple of people i’ve met since i moved here who are not the tiniest bit fake, and the energy i have when i’m with them is just totally different! it fills me up instead of weighing me down.


  2. Oh honey. High school is life, forever. Hell, I thought college would even be better. Nope…same stuff, different curriculum. The drama gets juicier and the routines may change a bit, but it’s the same basic idea. Disappointing right?
    And no joke about your last sentence–I didn’t think love or relationships were hard work either. Ha. Ha. Ha. Joke was on me.


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